Chapter 1

Conveniently with Technology

Carrot technology story

Accuracy with technology Unlock the precision of measuring your driving distance

IoT device, Carrot Plug

(Providing when subscribed to Per-mile special clause)


It would be more rational if you only pay premiums(special clause) based on the driving distance.

We utilize an IoT device-based GPS, Carrot Plug, to measure the customer’s driving distance in real-time and calculate their premium.

Now, you can enjoy more sophisticated insurance experience with a premium tailored to your driving habits.

Seamless convenience with technology Unleash the power of a single app, anytime, anywhere

Carrot Application

Imagine the convenience of being able to complete the entire insurance process, from signing up to checking your real-time premium, all in one app.

From seamless product sign-up to real-time insurance verification, unlock a world of possibilities, all at your fingertips. Leave behind the troubles and embrace the excitement of effortlessly managing your insurance.

Discover the insurance revolution with Carrot, Korea’s digital insurance pioneer and brace yourself for an extraordinary insurance experience that will leave you exhilarated.

Smart coverage with ON/OFF feature

Smart cost-efficiency with technology Take charge of a refreshing experience and empower your insurance journey


Concerned with insurance expenses? Imagine saving your money by just turning on the switch on-demand, whenever you need protection

Our smart coverage with On/Off feature allows customers to receive coverage with just one click of a button at their desired time. Experience the power of on-demand protection at your fingertips.

Discover smart savings on insurance premiums with our Smart On/Off product while traveling abroad, walking your furry friend, and enjoying sports and leisure activities.

Chapter 2

make sure with Technology.

Carrot technology story

Safety with technology For creating accident-free world

Carrot Members-Auto

Imagine a world where everyone drives safe on the road – naturally reducing traffic accidents.

Simply connect your smartphone to your vehicle’s Bluetooth and let us measure your steady driving speed. We provide an accurate assessment of your driving performance and assigns a safely rating with advanced AI-driven safety analysis.

Prepare yourself for an array of thrilling rewards that will infuse a sense of excitement into your everyday adventures. Take a decisive step into the captivating world of Carrot Members-Auto and embark on an exhilarating experience starting today.

Quickly with technology Safeguards customers in severe accident situations when there are no bystanders nearby

‘AI Accident Care’, the pioneer of automatic accident detection system

What if a car accident happens in the pitch-black dawn on a desolate road with no one around?

With Carrot by your side, there’s no need for concerns or worries. Carrot plug takes care of various problems from fatal accident detection, GPS tracking and emergency response

Carrot’s relentless, behind-the scenes efforts to swiftly protect customers, no matter when or where they are, will continue.